Quality politicy

Valver's Quality Policy is based on the principles of total quality and on compliance with the requirements of all interested parties. Its fundamental pillars are:

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION through innovation, quality, price and service.
Eliminate potential failures by systematically reviewing all processes.
Continuously improve quality and productivity, aiming to achieve zero defects.
Use all information from customers and suppliers.
Accept the client's objectives and put all the necessary resources to achieve a common goal.
Adopt lines of continuous improvement of products and technologies that satisfy the growing demands of the market.
Establish rules to minimize the potential risks derived from the manipulation of products.

THE SATISFACTION OF THE STAFF, with working conditions and remuneration consistent with the effort required.
Recognize creativity and participation in collective effort.
Promote and facilitate all training resources at all levels, with techniques that ensure product quality.
Facilitate communication and the assumption of the common goal.
Establish procedures and methods that minimize safety problems in processes and products.

SATISFACTION OF SOCIETY IN GENERAL, promoting the generation of stable employment and minimizing negative effects on the environment.
Establish systems that minimize the impact on society, reducing potential risks to the environment.
Collaborate with external organizations in the prevention and prediction of causes of possible deterioration of the environment.
Put the necessary resources to eliminate the sources of social problems.
Articulate collaboration agreements with authorities and public bodies.
Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements that affect us.

June 2019