Home appliances, packaging, control panels / dashboards / keypads, urban furniture, nautical, sports components, toys ...

The manufacturing of decorative or functional pieces in industrial products requires the use of raw materials strictly tested, depending on the product specifications. At Valver we meet these requirements and we also achieve, hand in hand with our clients, continuous innovation and product improvement.

Urban furniture

• IML (In Mold Labeling) decorations for injection of various different types of thermoplastics.
• Screen printed, retro reflective and fluorescent PVC (vinyl) decorations.


• Decoration for packaging, containers, pieces and plastic tableware, for IML (In-Mold Labelling) by injecting various thermoplastics

Control panels, dashboards,
keypads, products with a high technological component

• Screen-printed, embossed and adhesive covers for electronic control panels made of polycarbonate (electric bicycles, household appliances, computer equipment ...)

Other Products

• Functional Parts

Felts, anti-vibration parts, anti-scratch protectors...

• Labels for textiles

Decorative labels for the textile sector with thermo-adhesive. Wide variety of touches, shapes, reliefs, colors...

• Various -

Series of barcodes, electrostatic and fluorescent labels, roll labels, adhesive seal, neutral labels...