Valver was founded in 1986 as a manufacturer of industrial adhesives for the automotive industry. Through our experience and continuous investment in innovation, facilities and clean technologies, we have expanded into strategic markets with a greater product offering.

In addition to the automotive sector, other sectors such as the two-wheeler (motorcycle, bicycle and helmets) and the industrial sector, among others, have become part of our regular customer portfolio.

With headquarters in Spain (Tui, Galicia) and factories in Portugal and Colombia, Valver currently exports across the globe. As a result of our evolution and strong investment in R + D + I, we have managed to develop a wide range of solutions for our clients: decorative, security and informational pieces, soundproofing pieces, logos, signage, injected pieces, etc. - in addition to the patents that we have incorporated into our production flow.

Thanks to the integration of all the production processes within the company (screen printing, various cutting and drawing processes, injection, revision, etc.), we can quickly incorporate any idea, change in design or new technical specifications of our clients.

The flexibility and integration of our manufacturing processes makes us an efficient and dynamic company, capable of offering a tailored service at all times.

About us

We cover all the needs of your industrial decoration projects, from design development to delivery.

Since its inception, Valver has invested heavily in R+D+I, resulting in the widest product portfolios in the screen printing and industrial decoration sector today. To this, we must add the patents that we have incorporated into our production flow.


Our vision is to be a world leader in industrial decoration, through our continuous investment in:

  • Technology – To offer the broadest portfolio of products and innovative solutions to our clients..
  • A tailored service- Integrating the functionality of a multinational with the agility, treatment and customization of a small company..
  • Sustainability – Investing in clean technology, caring for the environment and social responsibility actions in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.


Valver offers industrial screen printing and decoration solutions to clients in the automotive, two-wheel and industrial sectors. We create and manufacture comprehensive solutions from design development to delivery and beyond; all production processes are developed within the company. Flexibility, capacity, quality and innovation are the pillars of Valver service to our customers.

Our values

  • A responsible team
    Our team is the key to Valver's success. We select the best professionals to form a specialized, qualified, proud and responsible team. We invest in their continuous professional development, always offering equal opportunities and promoting diversity.
  • Flexibility and Confidence
    Our dedication, experience and productive capacity allow us to offer a 360º service tailored to our clients. Personal, flexible, committed to quality and optimal results. With us, our clients will feel the peace of mind of knowing that their projects are in the best hands.
  • Investment in the Future
    Our continuous investment in innovation, sustainability and new technologies prepare us to identify the opportunities, face the challenges and meet the needs of our customers during this Decade of Action and beyond.

Investing in Quality

Our company culture stems from our continuous investment in the quality of our products and processes, to take care of our customers and our environment. We have the necessary means to identify opportunities and risks, and implement the most efficient solutions in all our products and processes.

The different markets in which Valver operates oblige us to guarantee certain technical requirements. In our laboratories we carry out specific tests for each client or market. In this way, we develop products that meet the strictest specifications in the automotive, two- wheel (bicycle, motorcycle) and industry sectors.

The quality that we guarantee to our clients is consolidated through:

    We have teams of highly qualified and experienced, carefully selected personnel.
    That allows us to extend to new markets the advancements we have made in previous markets.
    Working constantly on the continuous improvement of our product range, developed and optimized permanently.
    We develop each project individually, always adapted to our client’s requirements.